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Introductory Cranial Massage $70


 Letisha's Story, which was featured in the Prime TV doco "Living with Tourette's."

"Thank you so very much for our relaxed backs and all the love you give our family when we are in New Zealand - Blessings, Mary Joy & Jerre "

“I recently developed acute tennis elbow from painting the fence for which physio helped but it was still there after numerous sessions. A work colleague recommended Jeannie and I’m so glad she did because the Bowen felt amazing! My neck and pecs were surprisingly painful as well!  Trigger points into my head, upper traps, elbow and down into my hand surprised me as they released.  I feel so relaxed now without numbness and tingling in my hands and less pain in my elbow” - Dot

"My wife, children, relatives and work mates all benefit from seeing "the magician" as we fondly refer to jeannie!  Book in - I guarantee you won't be sorry." - Jacko

Rob says about cranial "it feels like the bad stuff's leaving my body!"

"As a student studying classical flute at University, I realise how important it is to look after my body so I can continue playing for years to come. Jeannie is great, she works out what it is that my body needs and I always leave feeling lighter and refreshed afterwards with less pain. She is great at communicating so you get the most out of your treatment and really get to focus on what you need and want." - Zoe

Jeannie Douglas

Energist & Massage Therapist

Dip. BCST, Dip. BT & TM, Cert MLD, Cert FK Bowen Therapy, Reg member Massage NZ Assoc

Member TNG (The Networking Group) $10 discount for TNG members except specials

Southern Cross Health Society Claims available for members

"Hi there, I graduated from the New Zealand College of Massage (NZCM) in 2001 with a Diploma in Body Therapies including Polarity Therapy.  Post graduate: Bowen, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral therapies.

I believe most of us have the capacity to self-regulate our own health and my business name Biodynamic Massage symbolizes this belief, however there are times in life when we need a helping hand or two. Even the lightest touch can be profound setting off a deep physiological reaction in the body. To meet your individual needs, including the physical challenges of pregnancy, I have a knack for ensuring you leave feeling your absolute best. Your Biodynamic Massage experience may comprise one, or a combination of modalities. With each passing year, my purpose and passion for being on the planet becomes clearer:  the laying-on of hands, which means treating you never feels like work!  As each session requires complete presence and attention, regular mindful practice of chi kung and meditation with deep gratitude means YOU receive the ultimate healing experience every time. A well paced, non-rushed session is the ideal gift to yourself or a loved one, for deep relaxation and significantly reduced pain.

Being Grannie Jeannie to three beautiful little people, I offer the first treatment FREE for children up to 12 years of age. It's an opportunity for your child to listen to their body in a new way. "we want more bowen grannie!” is a common demand!

Simply book on-line for Ellerslie by touching the orange Booking link. It's best to book 75mins Biodynamic Massage for your first appointment which includes complimentary consultation so please allow at least an extra 30mins for pre & post conversation plus recovery time. Feel free to give me a call or send an email (see form below) if you have any queries. I look forward to meeting you. ”

Gift Vouchers

Simply send me your name, email address & phone number using this form. I can forward a voucher directly to the recipient on your behalf. Please indicate recipient name, email or postal address and $ value :  $60, $80, $100, $120, $150, $180. I'll send you a confirmation email with account number for payment.

Biodynamic Massage


A combination treatment of modalities which may include long flowing relaxation strokes, holistic pulsing, spinal release, deep tissue, trigger points, lymph drainage, Bowen and craniosacral for a balancing, grounding completion leaving you deeply relaxed yet refreshed.  Lately I've been including some lomi lomi strokes which ensures you an even better experience.

"Prior to treatment I was like an old honky tonk piano completely out of tune. After the treatment, springing back to life as a fine Steinway grand!"  Emilie

“If you want a great Biodynamic massage, Jeannie will provide this with ample positive energy and spirit.  I have had various massage, cranial and Bowen sessions with Jeannie for numerous years.  Her intuitive senses and touch relieve the stresses, pain or discomfort experienced quickly and with decorum.  Jeannie's sessions are always a joyful and mindful experience.  I gladly recommend her to friends and acquaintances!” – S.Butler

Deep tissue remedial massage & trigger point therapy

Ideal for acute & chronic pain. After initial warming up of your tissues this popular therapy consists of deeper strokes and easing of tension especially as any trigger points release.  I'll ask for feedback using a pressure scale to keep the session safe ensuring you won't be bruised. Sometimes a combo with Bowen and / or a little Cranio improves the outcome and you'll leave feeling more relaxed, energised and free of those tight spots.  Headaches or migraines often completely disappear or greatly dissipate by the end of your session.  Your range of motion will greatly improve. Claim ACC through Southern Cross. 

"My cousin recommended me to Jeannie and I’m so happy that she did, as Jeannie is simply amazing! I’ve been to other massage therapists before but she is the only one who took the time to listen about what I do for work, hobbies, fitness, health etc. taking notes and then following up at the next visit – which is wonderful as a couple of times I had forgotten what I was concerned about, for example now I have less headaches! You can tell that Jeannie is passionate about what she does and can often feel something is wrong in your body before you even do. She's easy to talk to, listens and cares. It is money well spent! I highly recommend her and will not be going anywhere else!” – Lisa

Relaxation Massage

A growing body of research is confirming the many benefits of massage.  Massage contacts our largest organ in the body – the skin. Myofascial release, some pressure and stretching with long flowing strokes and holistic pulsing stimulates most other organs, glands and tissues leading to beneficial  effects on heart rate and blood pressure. Visceral massage if you wish for improved digestion, respiration, the immune system and better sleep. Massage also has a range of psychological benefits, making it an holistic therapy helping reduce stress, anxiety and headaches leaving you free of those tight spots and deeply relaxed.

"I always look forward to a massage with Jeannie, whom I’ve been going to since 2001.  I appreciate her always friendly manner, which complements her ability to give a wonderful massage.  Over the years I have seen Jeannie develop her skill in several forms of massage.  Drawing from her wide skill base, Jeannie  now has a knack of being able to “mix and match” her massage of me to suit my changing needs, or the physical ailments I might have at the time.   I always leave Jeannie’s massage room feeling very happy and relaxed.  I fully recommend her." -  Keith

“I have been seeing Jeannie for over 10 years now. The one thing I do not want to miss each month is my massage. It helps me relax and prevents me from getting major injuries due to running. It is an absolute pleasure going to Jeannie. I would highly recommend her as a massage therapist”. – Jola



Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy Massage

Regular massage throughout pregnancy is said to shorten labour and the return to ultimate fitness after birth. The massage techniques use a combination of Swedish,  Remedial and Hawaiian to help reduce tension and pain often caused by extra weight and shift in the centre of gravity, assist reduction of peripheral swelling, soothes the nervous system, reduces insomnia, muscle cramps and back pain. A gentle foot massage will help ground you at the end of your massage. Post pregnancy massage helps with milk flow and restoration of abdominal muscles. It's my privilege to bring a table to your home if you prefer.

“During the second half of my pregnancy I had the absolute pleasure of lying face down (such relief!) on the pregnancy cushion to receive weekly massages from Jeannie which were truly special, and I am certain played a big part in my pregnancy being such a breeze. Before I began the massages, I would get very sore feet by the end of the day, and I was experiencing some lower back pain, both muscular and from my sciatic nerve. After I started seeing Jeannie, my sore feet became more manageable, and the sciatic nerve pain completely disappeared. I was able to work full time up until 39.5 weeks, without any issues at all, and my body coped well with a natural, drug free delivery. Jeannie is a skilled massage therapist and I highly recommend her services.” Holly

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) Massage

An advanced therapy that combines Western scientific understanding of the body with mindfulness skills, a unique type of touch and an appreciation of the body’s ability to heal itself.

The therapy has its roots in the discoveries made by Osteopath Dr William Garner Sutherland in the late 1800's who developed an approach to Osteopathy known as “the Cranial Concept” – a progressive therapy that embraces the latest findings in medical science and the wisdom of traditional healing arts.

Being client led, this amazing therapy is totally safe trusting in your own body’s innate wisdom. It's very gentle, perfect during pregnancy, after childbirth, with newborns, young children and the elderly. Clients generally seek CST for pain, fatigue, stress related conditions, sleeping and digestive difficulties. It is highly beneficial for improving general physical, mental and emotional well being and for those with head, neck or back injuries resulting from an accident. It is particularly beneficial for relieving the effects of acute or chronic concussion.

Some experiences we have in life are at times too overwhelming or traumatic to cope with and can remain in our system, locking the body in a “fight or flight” state. CST works particularly well with such trauma, chronic and acute, by gently facilitating your body and brain to resolve these held experiences without the need to revisit the original traumatic incident.  However, speaking with a Counsellor in conjunction with receiving CST may be useful to discuss particularly dissociated painful memories that may arise. The reverential light touch enables you to feel safe, supported and held allowing your brain to switch from fight or flight to rest and repair.  It is in this state that healing and change can begin to take place. Clients report noticing a lightness, deep sense of relaxation, and relief.     "It's like the bad stuff just left my body!"  Rob

"I have tried several different treatments to alleviate my long-standing neck & shoulder pain. On the first session Jeannie took time to listen to my issue to understand the problem before she explained to me what techniques she felt I would benefit from and why. Cranial, Bowen & Trigger Points, I felt the benefits for weeks and after only 3 sessions my ongoing issues have reduced significantly."Doug

"I have always found Jeannie to be very considerate of her clients comfort. She is attentive and generous, very intuitive and warm. She has a gift for what she does and is going from strength to strength. I know that the cranial work she does is exactly what my body wants. I am feeling better and am looking forward to my next session.”  - Jane


Jet lag is related to a disruption in activity and lack of synchronisation in the brain cells of two parts of the brain. It can result from travelling across time zones or from doing shift work. Polarity therapy applied to the reflex points of ears and / or toes is an amazing way of reducing the effects of jet lag helping restore balance in the body by re-synchronising the brain.  Chronic or acute jet lag may be cured or prevented before or after your flight with this simple approach applied on its own or as part of a longer session.

Fascial Kinetics Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a modality of healing established in Australia during the 1960's by Geelong "Osteopath" Tom Bowen. It is a lubricant free technique with few contraindications appropriate for almost everyone. The cross-fibre moves applied through loose clothing or directly on the skin help to realign the collagen fibres contained in superficial and deep fascia, or connective tissue, which forms one continuous sheath in the body. Bowen may help with the following conditions:

• Arthritic symptoms• Headaches & Migraines
• Acute & Chronic Back and/or Neck pain particularly
caused by whiplash and/or blows to the tailbone
• Joint injuries & restrictions
* Frozen Shoulder
• Respiratory symptoms / Sinus Congestion• Jaw & TMJ dysfunction
• Colic in infants• RSI or OOS
• Digestive disorders• Sciatic pain
• Sprains & strains• Stress & tension

Fascial Kinetics Bowen therapy balances and stimulates energy flows, resulting in a deep sense of relaxation.  The restorative process begins when your  body is relaxed, and continues after the treatment stimulating the body's unique ability to biodynamically heal itself.

“Jeannie has a genuinely warm and gentle manner which shines through her application of the Bowen and Craniosacral techniques. Working at a computer for most of the day I suffer from acute neck and arm pain but Jeannie is always able to find the source and the point it refers to and then work to alleviate or remove that persistent dull ache using Bowen and trigger points. I’ve also been fortunate enough to receive a number of Craniosacral treatments, the first session was profoundly intense and I am glad to have had such a knowledgeable practitioner walking me through that process. I couldn’t give Jeannie a higher recommendation than wanting my mum to visit her!” - Michael


"I suffer from bad psoriasis all up my legs, and had tried pretty much everything. A work colleague suggested I see Jeannie for lymphatic drainage and I genuinely could not believe the results. I lost 0.5cm of fluid from my legs instantly, and in the day following my treatment, my psoriasis had gone from a dark angry red colour, to a light pink colour, and had lost all of its flakiness. A few months on, and my psoriasis continues to reduce in redness and almost never flakes. I am now absolutely hooked and cannot wait for my monthly treatments."  Sarah

Gentle slow rhythmic strokes applied directly to dry skin stimulate the lymphatic system which increases effectiveness of your immune system.  Lymphatic drainage can help reduce oedema - excessive accumulation of fluid in the interstitial spaces of tissues due to an overloaded lymphatic system. You may recognise it as swelling with maybe a heavy, tight feeling in your skin, especially when related to post surgery and/or injury. Lymphatic drainage is also the perfect aid when detoxing as it helps flush your system of toxins as the cells re-hydrate.  It's also very effective in speeding up recovery from respiratory infections including sinus headaches, coughs & colds, throat and chest.  Applying Bowen moves simultaneously with lymphatic drainage achieves a good long term outcome but is not compulsory. You will leave feeling lighter, more energised, very relaxed, less stressed and most probably headache free. 

“Jeannie applied lymphatic drainage massage to my heavy legs and knees. The gentle flushing strokes meant I lost 2cm round my knee joints during the session! I felt lighter and was able to pull my boots on without difficulty afterwards. It was amazing and still is!” - Vicky

Very beneficial pre & post surgery especially for women

“Lymphatic massage from Jeannie pre & post breast surgery was the best choice I made for relief from anxiety, trauma, pain and stress - a profound healing experience I  would highly recommend.  I seem to have gotten over it and on with life remarkably quickly.” 

"Recently I was very traumatised by the removal of my right breast due to cancer. I went to see Jeannie whom I heard about through a friend. 3 treatments later including lymphatic drainage, with a little bowen & cranial, my nervous system is almost back to normal PLUS I'm sleeping through the night!." - Nina

Home & office visits

An ideal way to de-stress, reduce anxiety and/or deal to work related muscular aches and strains, headache, migraine and sports injury, is with the application of professional, experienced massage techniques. In addition to running two clinics, I thoroughly enjoy the privilege of bringing massage into your home or office and have done so for the past 18 years. Everything needed is brought into your space where set up is quick and efficient with a portable massage table.  An area large enough to walk round the massage table on which you are warm and comfortable is the main consideration. Employees generally prefer the massage take place in private e.g a meeting room. Treating people in retirement villages, hospitals, birth care facilities etc is also a popular choice and can help alleviate family strain. 

"Jeannie has been coming to our home for the last 14 years to provide massage for my family.  She provides excellent massage therapy from which we have all benefited.  She also has a calm and reassuring manner, is always on time and sets up quickly and efficiently.  She provides a professional service with a friendly and kind style." - Robyn

“We are a small family business. Jeannie Douglas of Biodynamic Massage has been offering fortnightly on-site massages at our warehouse for over 15 years. The benefits for both our office and warehouse people was evident from the very first session. Jeannie has been able to assist us all with our varying aches and pains and offers valuable insight and experience moving forward. She is very knowledgeable and happy to share this knowing - it can really make a difference. We have appreciated Jeannie’s warm, welcoming, relaxed and very supportive manner.  Well-being in our work is very important to us.”  Nathan @ Crescendo Enterprises Ltd

“We have been extraordinarily lucky to have Jeannie providing on-going fortnightly on-site corporate massage to our firm for 18 years.  She treats a wide range of issues for our employees:  acute and chronic aches & pains including headaches and migraines, sports injuries and strains, work related tensions.  Her ability to tailor the massages to soothe all sorts of problems is remarkable.  We think her work is an essential part of helping our employees stay healthy and pain-free.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeannie to anyone - her kind and caring manner, treatment techniques and professionalism are beyond compare." Kate Murray GM Fee Langstone Solicitors



2 indulgent hours 

There is an attitude of sacredness that dominates the traditions and culture of the Hawaiian people.  Lomi Lomi is steeped in ancestral tradition calling upon the energy of plants and elements to aid in your healing. The massage techniques used are designed to harness the power of each individual element of nature as I tune in with the energy of Chi Kung ensuring your deepest relaxation.  Using Coconut oil, long flowing strokes are applied combined with therapeutic touch for a Pacific Island treat.

Learn Couple Massage in 2 Days of Your Choice with Partner, Friend or Colleague

Having taught at the New Zealand College of Massage for 10 years, I love to share my passion by offering tutoring in Couple Massage. You will learn skills to massage your partner/friend/colleague confidently knowing the massage is safe and effective. Held over 2 days, ideally a week apart, gives you both an opportunity to practice what you learn on Day One before Day Two. Day Two includes an extra hour or so when you both get constructive feedback and opportunity to perfect your technique.  A manual with guideline illustrations is included and emailed after day 2. The 2 days are personalised and devoted to One Couple booked according to your availability (except Sun, Mon & Wed)  feel free to drop a note via the link below or give me a call on 021402661 to learn more.

"My partner and I signed up for Jeannie's couples massage course and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a nice mix of theory and practical exercises and Jeannie explained it really well in terms we could understand. The week's break between lessons allowed us to practice and reinforce our learnings. Jeannie is an amazing teacher and very patient and kind. Our close family have benefited from our training and we thoroughly recommend it to others."   -  Colleen"

A proud Supporter of NZTrio for over 15 years, it's my honour and privilege to massage them. Their repertoire includes commissioned NZ composers and classical music making it a well rounded, and at times challenging listening experience. NZTrio regularly performs in Auckland, around NZ and overseas.  If you wish to be my guest for an extraordinary, entertaining evening at any of their Auckland concerts, just let me know!  

“With our busy rehearsal, performance and touring schedule, it’s vital that we keep ourselves in good health, both physical and mental. Each of us tries to maintain some form of routine such as running or yoga – but we are also fortunate to have the wonderful support of Jeannie Douglas of Biodynamic Massage. There’s nothing quite like a good therapeutic massage and cranial after a long tour or particularly taxing programme, and we think Jeannie is one of the best! ”– NZTrio


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